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Friday Nights for Teens

You are unique and creative...  so why not your CLOTHES too?

Why Should You Learn to Sew?

  • You could design and sew one-of-a-kind garments

  • You could help those in need by sewing projects for charitable organizations

  • Knowing how to sew could jump-start a career in Dressmaking, Fashion Design, or Home Decorating.

  • Sewing is a skill that will last for a lifetime that will boost your creativity; develop patience and problem solving skills.

  • It's FUN to create something you made yourself.

Come alone or get a group of your friends together and register for a month of teen sewing.  Make yourself a pair of pj pants and scrunchies.  

Pj Pattern included and scrunchie fabric included.  The only thing you need to buy is the fabric for your pj pants, which will be purchased after the first lesson.  

Music, snacks and refreshments provided.

Fun Fun Fun while learning a new skill...what better way to spend a Friday Night!! Sew Something with Peg Sewing Lessons

If you get a group of friends together a monthly session can be booked starting any date

Min of 2 students to a max of 4

Sew Something with Peg on a Friday Night. 

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