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Registration and Policies & Procedures 

Registration options:

Class sizes are very limited (usually 5 or less students  per class) and fill up very quickly. For these reasons, you may wish to register as soon as you know your schedule. Once registration is received, a place will be reserved for you. By holding your spot, others may be prevented from joining a class so please notify me immediately if you need to change or drop a class.

Pick up and Drop off times (For “Kids Only” Classes): Parents, please be considerate and do not bring your child more than 5 minutes or pick her/him up late. The sewing hours do not allow  for extra time between classes. Many classes are taught  back-to-back and we do not have a waiting room.  Due to new COVID procedures time will be left between classes so kids are not arriving and leaving at the same time, and time will be available for cleaning etween classes.  

I understand that unavoidable things can happen. If your schedule does not allow you to pick up or drop off your child in a timely fashion, you may call, text or email in advance to make arrangements. 






WELCOME from Sew Something with Peg! 


Behaviour Expectations: Due to the nature of the sewing room and the work we do therein, we have many items that can be dangerous if not handled properly, or if students behave irresponsibly. Items include but are not limited to: scissors, seam rippers, rotary cutters, sewing machines with moving parts and sharp needles, pins, sewing needles, rulers with sharp corners, hot glue guns, and so on.

It is the policy at Sew Something with Peg  that students behave in a way that demonstrates self control, responsibility, respect, and age-appropriate maturity. Horseplay, dangerous behaviour, using materials in an irresponsible manner etc., is ABSOLUTELY not allowed and any student conducting him or herself in a manner deemed dangerous will be held accountable by the following schedule:

FIRST WARNING : Student will be reminded of appropriate behaviour while in the studio.

SECOND WARNING: Student will be asked to stop working on their project and will sit aside to wait for his or her parent to immediately pick him/her up. Student will be allowed to return to the same  class on a different date to complete the project without paying extra. If, after the second warning, the student exhibits dangerous or disrespectful behaviour, they will be asked to leave again and absolutely no refunds nor makeup classes will be given.

Sew Something with Peg  shall not be held at fault for any accident that may occur to any student while attending classes. Please understand that, due to the nature of the work being done in the Studio, there are inherently dangerous items therein (scissors, needles, pins, seam rippers, sewing machines with moving parts, rotary cutters, sharp corners, etc.). Please also know that the sewing instructors will do their very best to prevent accidents from happening. Sew Something with Peg, nor its owner, Peggy Montague, nor any of its employees, representatives or agents, will be liable for injury or damages of any sort.

Hair: Students must have long hair pulled back away from the face while creating, sewing or embroidering.

Shoes: Students must wear comfortable covered shoes. Open toed shoes are not allowed. Students should be dressed comfortably and ready to sew. Shoes must be comfortable and light for touching the foot pedal of the sewing machine. Thick soles, heavy boots, and clogs are not recommended. A student wearing open toed shoes will not be allowed to participate until they are attired in the recommended footwear.

Food & Beverages:  are not allowed in the sewing room 

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