Surprise! Kids will learn more than sewing skills when taking sewing lessons!

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination

Threading a needle, knotting a needle, cutting out fabric, moving the fabric through the machine, all will contribute to the development of hand-eye coordination. Learning Mathematical Skills Sewing uses plenty of math. Kids will learn math skills when choosing the right amount of fabric for their projects. Measuring themselves to determine proper size to cut also used math. Seam allowances, which change with the project. are a great way to practice math in sewing.

Mending Their Clothes

With learning the basic stitches in sewing you child will learn a lifetime skill for mending their own clothes. They will be able to sew on their own buttons, repair a hole in a pair of jeans. They will never have to reply on a service for their repairs, saving money over time. It may even lead them to a career in fashion design.

Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparing you project can be so much fun. From choosing a sewing project and than deciding on fabric and colour choices. The right fabric and choice of colour can change an entire look of a project. No two kids will choose the same, therefore making the project their very own, even when using a commercial sewing pattern. Sewing projects require planning and preparation and its a good habit to get into before jumping into a sewing project. Many of my sewing students like to come up with their own idea as to what to sew and how they want it to look. This is a very fun process for them to think out.

Exploring Creativity and Accomplishment

This is my favourite reason to begin sewing. The creativity and accomplishment is boundless. Kids love to create and show their friends what they have completed. Anything from sewing clothing, scrunchies, or stuffed animals. During the pandemic many of my students helped sew masks for area health care agencies. This brought them a sense of helping through difficult times and provided them with great pride and joy in making a difference.

There are so many skills to learn when sewing, but the best part is to just be creative and have fun... and in the process you will learn a lifetime skill.

If you are looking for sewing lessons for your child within the Niagara Region please visit my sewing information pages for more information. I have students attending from all across the region, including Port Colborne, Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Thorold, Pelham, and St. Catharines. The first 1 hour sewing lessons is always FREE for new kids aged 6 to 13.

Happy SEWING!!

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