Best Age for Children to Start Sewing

Sewing is an attractive and fun hobby for anyone to take on, especially children. Children of different ages can learn the different types of sewing that can help them develop and grow their fashion skills. Understanding the various types of stitching techniques at such a tender age can also enable your child to make their own clothing projects.

A child can learn to sew at any age, however each child will be different in their abilities and skills. All that is really required is a great desire to learn and a love and fun for sewing.

Sewing Instruction and Pattern Packet

Kids can start as young as 5 as long as the desire is there. Easier projects can be tackled first and advance as their skills are developed. In my program I take children starting at 6 years of age. We start out using the sewing book and patterns developed by "the kids sewing company", which was developed by a pair of Canadian Sewists from British Columbia. It takes the children though all skills levels starting with Book One. Some projects include a sewing bag, shorts, pants, nightshirt and skirt. It is so much fun seeing children pick out their own fabrics and supply and the delight it brings them to see what they have made when their project is done and they get to model it.

Remember: Every child learns differently. For some, sewing will come easy for others; it will take time.

Sewing can be a lifelong craft. And, the more your child develops, the easier it becomes for them to become experts. However, it will take patience, time, and money to become the best. By investing in them, you can be confident they will not only enjoy learning how to sew, but also how to create their own clothes as well.

In my sewing program we never give in to the urge to have everything done perfectly. This will allow your child’s creativity to run wild.

The best thing is to start your child in a program. The will be amongst their peers learning in a sewing environment. The first lessons is always FREE to see if it is something your child would like to pursue. .

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