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About Us


Come Sew with Us

It's Sure a Lot of FUN

Sew Something is a home sewing studio dedicated to teaching children ages 7 to 16 and adults 16 plus beginner sewing lessons.  We start with beginner sewing lessons and progress up through the levels of sewing lessons.   

Sewing lessons at Sew Something, located in the Niagara Region,  are for everyone with little to no experience.  Sewing machines are supplied for usage for your sewing lessons.  

The Sew Something with Peg sewing studio has been in operation now for 8 years, however Peggy has been teaching Sewing Lessons for over 30 years now.  

We all enjoy the seeing the creativity that happens in the studio.  Students go form never looking at a sewing machine to making complete outfits, home deco projects, quilts, special projects etc.    The joy and light I see in kids and adults eyes as the admire their piece is why I love teaching this skill.  It is such an accomplishment for everyone.
Recently added is a brand new online fabric store.  We hope you like the fabrics we have started with and will continue to add fabrics to our collection as the store grows.  We also will be adding our own patterns and kits for many different projects.  We will now be able to offer fabric to students, offer free local delivery and pick-ups and ship within Canada and to the USA.  

Meet Our Staff

We will also becoming our own stars on YOUTUBE, where we will be doing demos on sewing, quilting, home deco, kids sewing, etc. Stay tuned. Online fabric store, YOUTUBE videos and sewing much more fun to come. We look forward to you joining us on our new journey. We hope you connect with us soon!!​PeggySew Something with Peg
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Owner & Main Sewing Teacher 


I have been sewing for a long time.  I started out as a child sewing and selling pot holders.  Everything has evolved since I was a child and now I am doing what I love...teaching others the art of sewing.

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Sewing Lesson Helper


Sewing for 6 years at the sewing studio and helping other students for 3 years. Vanessa came to sewing to learn how to sew her Girl Guides badge for sewing and has continued sewing.   

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Sewing Lesson Helper


Sewing for 6 years at the sewing studio and helping other students for 3 years.  Kaitlin also first came to learn sewing to sew her Guide badges onto her sash and hasn't looked back. 


Occasional Mascot


Luna likes to, on occasion, come into the studio for a quick visit to see what everyone is making. She hasn't learned any skills yet, but is always eager to watch and get a quick pat on the head. before she leaves.  

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